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Mystic Coaching

"You deserve to be healed. You deserve peace."

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Descripción del servicio

Michaela has a wealth of knowledge from her research, travels and extensive education throughout her lifetime. You can ask her anything about life and death and she will do her best to answer you or direct you to the appropriate written texts so you can research on your own. She has first hand knowledge of occult (hidden) teachings that have been lost, grief counseling and life coaching. If you seek truth and solutions to repetitive cycles and struggles, this is the service for you! You may only require one session. She provides what is needed including Tarot readings if neccessary. Light refreshments will be provided. The 1 hour time is an estimation. Please block out a few hours for a session. She gives what each soul requires. Barter or give what you can afford

Política de cancelación

To reschedule please allow at least 24 hours notice.

Detalles del contacto

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